Pioneer DEH-P6900UB In-Dash CD with Built-in USB Control

Pioneer DEH-P6900UB In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA/iTunes AAC Receiver with Built-in USB Control

Do more with Pioneer uBus USB Control - not just iPod direct control*, uBus also controls many MP3 players** and USB memory devices ( Jump Drives ) as well. Access, control and high-resolution playback are supremely fast and straightforward. Simply plug in USB-compatible equipment (such as an iPod nano, iPod Video, or another portable digital player or USB memory device) into the included USB connector. This direct, high-speed (USB 2.0), adapter-free connection plus built-in 24-bit Delta Sigma D/A Converter assures extraordinary sound quality as well as convenience.

Pioneer DEH-P6900UB In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA/iTunes AAC Receiver with Built-in USB Control

The 7-Way Rotary Commander is like a musical joystick: with one central dial you can actually control 90% of the unit's functions and features. Scrolling through your MP3/WMA files and folders is now very easy. In addition, when controlling an iPod, the operation is easy to learn - it is similar in all respects to the actual iPod.Loading a CD into the Auto-Flap Motorized Face is actually fun. Push the OPEN button and the motorized face plate slides out of the way to expose the CD slot, and back again when the CD's loaded. Just for fun, do it again. And when you leave the vehicle, the face can go with you. Just push the OPEN button, pull the face toward you, and pop it into the included face case. And out you go. Another advantage with this design: the face protects the CD slot from dust.

The Two-Way Crossover Adjustment is a convenient tool for tailoring your sound and your subwoofer's levels. Right from your headunit, you can adjust your High-Pass Filter, which will protect your front and rear speakers from power-robbing deep bass notes. Now, use the Subwoofer adjustments to make sure your bass performance has the kick you like. In fact, you can just hit the new Subwoofer Direct button to fine tune the settings at any time!The DEH-P6900UB features a built-in rear auxiliary (AUX) input, which can be easily connected with a wide range of external devices, such as portable MP3 players and more. Even plug in your inno and enjoy another way to listen to XM Satellite Radio.

Compressed file formats such as MP3 and WMA are now as common as the Internet. But there are people who feel that compressed music sounds thin, flat and short of depth. To correct this common problem, Pioneer developed BMX technology. BMX studies what's left of the delicate sound frequencies that are usually ignored and makes the necessary adjustments. This improves the shape and overall depth of sound, which results in enjoyment to the ears, especially in the noisy car environment.

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